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Market Risk
Market Risk application developed by Risk Software Technologies, is the most widely used risk management software in Turkey, which offers accurate Value at Risk (VaR) estimations and provides the best solution for your market risk management needs...
Risk Software Technologies has developed the Asset Liability Management (ALM) application as a tool to help banks manage the risks associated with their balance sheets. Through a user-friendly interface, RiskTurk ALM Module presents cash flow analyses, simulations and scenario analysis..
Credit Risk
The constant growth in the credit market, along with increased uncertainty and volatility implies the use of sophisticated techniques in credit risk measurement. RiskTurk Credit Risk Module offers a proactive credit risk solution and greatly simplifies the credit risk measurement and credit pricing processes.
Liquidity Risk
RiskTurk has developed Liquidity Risk solution as a tool to help banks calculate LCR and NSFR, and derive LKO120HS required by BRSA’s for liquidity risk. This solution also enable to stress test LCR by scenario analysis and derive LKO120HS report required by BRSA.
Risk Software Technologies-RST, has developed ICAAP solution as a tool to help banks assess and calculate the capital requirement for all risks and derive the three capital tables mentioned in BRSA’s ISEDES guidance.

Asset Management and Brokerage Firms

Collateral Management
RiskTurk Collateral Management Solution enables the monitoring of MtM and margin requirements, as well as prediction of the potential margin deficit/ transfer amount based open OTC positions via its powerful scenario engine.
Fund Risk and Performance Management
Risk-return ratios indicate the relationship between existing risks and expected returns in an investment. In general, an investment with a higher risk should offer higher returns because of the possibility of more likely losses. When evaluating these metrics, generally risk free interest rates are used as benchmark instruments.

Regulatory Bodies

On-site Supervision
The recent financial crisis which has started in the US and spread to Europe, provides an important ground for investigation for risk managers regarding the necessity of regulation and monitoring.
Exchange and Interest Rates Simulation Module
Exchange and Interest Rates Simulation Module RSim simulation program is a Matlab based application which reports the interest rates, exchange parity and inflation simulations with a user-friendly interface.
Credit Valuation Module
The Loan Evaluation solution developed by Risk Software Technologies greatly simplifies this process and offers an advanced yet easy to use tool for decision makers.